11 May 2015 @ 12:04 am

Arashi says you to read instructions and follow it!

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LSS: JE Artists - Hatsu Uta
28 December 2014 @ 04:41 pm
Since Angie requested me some Arashi mp3s, I decided to upload it here for sharing and safekeeping.

Disclaimer: Most of these mp3s are not from here. Credits to all those who had uploaded these wonderful songs I have on my PC. :)

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LSS: Arashi - Te Tsunagoo
09 April 2013 @ 08:54 pm
Yamapi was my least favorite member in NEWS. I still like him, it's just that I love the other members (esp. Shige, Koyama & Massu) a lot more.

I won't ever, ever marry myself to Nino. I have the feeling that I might just strangle him when we live together.

Ohmiya is now one of my least favorite Arashi OTPs.

I don't like GD that much.

Super Junior-M is the only subgroup that keeps my attachment in Super Junior.

IDGAF on Sulli hate.

Hyoyeon and Song Hye Gyo still have similarities on their facial structures.

If I don't like a fandom it can mean a lot of things - the artist might not impress me at all (in terms of physical appearance, personality or talent), fandom is super crazy or a combination of both.

I don't buy usually buy merch unless it is worth it.

Yamachii fans drove me in leaving HSJ fandom.

I don't like Sho's scruffy look. Ever. 
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LSS: THSK - Choosey Lover
27 March 2013 @ 10:24 pm
They say that when you can't say something nice, it's better to shut up.

Well, that's what I'm doing right now.

I don't really want to hear something that I'm not interested in (or something that I'm really close to disliking).

So, if I just get quiet, it's my way of not letting my honest self of saying something that I'll regret later. But I am really thinking of saying something in the future because I don't like them, goodness gracious.

Bah. I'll just do my Kanji homework.
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05 May 2012 @ 01:55 am
Based from Arama's comments, some fans are complaining that Face Down has a bit of K-Pop influence? I mean, is Arashi supposed to stay on one style forever that their choreographers shouldn't integrate something new about it? Learn to keep up w/ the times people. Music and dance often merge different influences - as long as it is aesthetically appealing, it should be fine. Moreover, aren't some fans tell that the charm of J-Pop is its diversity? Now that we're given something different to work on, people are complaining. How ironic, isn't it? Although, I'm getting this bad feeling that they're complaining because it's Korean influenced? I might be wrong but based from Arama's history, it tends to be the case. /le sigh

And what's with this outrage from int'l Arashi fans about the song list? Come on people, I've also voted for Tokei Jikake no Umbrella but let's be realistic here; they never performed that on a concert before which gives them no choreography to work on. I know we want something to see new, but is it really too much to ask? For me, it's yes given their schedule constraints + Nino's injury. I also get that you can be disappointed but being outraged about it? That's pretty much weird for me because it's just a performance.

Maybe the fandom is too whiny or I'm just too apathetic. Whatever. Oh well, I still love Sakumoto's couple hairstyles. |:B
27 April 2012 @ 12:04 am

x-posted on my FB

Read first, okay? Good lord, I will seriously go nuts when someone will comment saying how biased I am.

Okay, first things first. I love both genres and while I'm not an expert, I know a thing or two.

There's this article of the same title from The Straits Times, a Singaporean publication about K-Pop and J-Pop. Somehow, the article is so skewed in some parts that it's annoying the heck out of me. I want to write to the author but I stopped halfway and contemplated instead. 

I want an article to be written fairly, but a lot of times it isn't the case because these authors know what is relevant. Not to mention that these people know that fans get worked up on these rivalries which equates to publicity. In a nutshell, writing these kinds of articles are advantageous to them; ignoring the fact it strains the relationship between the two sides. 

After thinking for around 30 mins about this issue, writing to the article's author is the best that I can do for now; but frankly, that's not the only thing to be done. There are a lot more things that needs to be done. I've talked to one of my Singaporean friends and asked about the reaction of Singaporean J-Pop fans. As expected, they didn't take it very well but then I told her that the next step is to make J-Pop more evident in SG. That way, the interest of Singaporeans for the genre will be heightened and will "equalize" the stage for these two genres. It's a long way to go but then it will put to a stop on these kind of articles stating one music genre's superiority over the other. However, I am also seeing that when that time comes, writers will now write more on which genre is better. In that case, my suggestion is that I-G-N-O-R-E. You know your fandom more than these writers, be a better person than they are and stop lashing out the other side (and maybe, you can write to them too). 



A fan should have: open-mindedness, respect, tolerance and most of all, fingers and eyes that are never tired to type and read information. 

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LSS: Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
10 April 2012 @ 01:07 am
These 2 groups make me crazy. Like seriously.

I wish these 2 groups can perform together someday. ;A;
LSS: SHINee - Alarm Clock
13 March 2012 @ 03:24 am

A public post after a long, long time. Huzzah!

Oguri Shun and Yamada Yuu are going to be married by tomorrow! I'm just so happy for them. 

My friends and I were talking about that it seems like that the Japanese artists that I started to love during my HS days are getting married. 

Then it hit us. How about Arashi (or Jun, since he's close to Shun)?

Arashi. Jun. Marriage. It doesn't effin' compute to me... somehow.

I've been saying for the longest time that I'm happy if my favorite idols will be married. Now, now, this is partially true, but I fail to mention the other side and that is pain and hurt. I swear, I want them to be happy no matter what, but I can't help myself to feel a bit sad whenever I hear this kind of news/rumor. 

When I was a new fan, I never knew that that side exists. Until came 2007 when Sho was rumored to be with Mao Kobayashi. Looking at it now, it seems shallow because it was just a freaking rumor; but hey, it really hurt that time for no reason whatsoever. I even remembered crying on the phone about it. Geez, sometimes I feel that fandom really brings out my emotional side. It just shows that don't speak prematurely because in reality, you'll never know how will you react when that time comes. That being said, there's only one thing that I'll never do. 

I'll never die for these people. Nope. Not a chance. 

I love JE idols esp. Arashi but no. I won't take my life if ever they get married. It's just sad that some fans take their own life because of their idols marrying. I am in no position to judge them; but for me, honestly, there's so many things in the world to appreciate and experience that we have to go out to that world and enjoy it. Life does not end with spazzing with our idols and that's what makes our lives beautiful and unique. 

Bah, I'm sleepy. It's already 3:23 am here. Good morning/night. 

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LSS: Arashi - Remarkable
20 June 2011 @ 12:09 am
 Damn. Jonghyun is sick again. :( 

"5 members of SHINee were planning to perform the best stage for the debut in Japan, but JONGHYUN couldn’t participate in the LIVE Stage because of high fever. Thus SM staff decided to open the LIVE Stage with only 4 members. This decision is made for JONGHYUN’s health so we ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

Also relay of ‘SHINee JAPAN DEBUT PREMIUM RECEPTION in LONDON’ in FACEBOOK SMTOWN will be postponed due to the situation. However, our staff will upload some parts of the LIVE Stage (video) as soon as possible (photos will be uploaded continuously).

We hope everyone can cheer JONGHYUN up and wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.
Thank you for reading and all your understanding.


source: SMTown FB page

Jjong, please get well soon. Get well soon not because of us, but because you're doing so for yourself. You've been straining yourself too much and it's making me hella worried. Somehow, I don't know what's really wrong - my friend pointed out once that there are celebrities who have even more hectic schedules than K-Pop idols and yet they don't get sick. I am really baffled about this though, she said it might be because of their diet but what whatever it is, I hope they can change it soon before all idols drop like dead flies. 
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LSS: SHINee - Hit Me
07 April 2011 @ 11:50 pm
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LSS: Secret - Shy Boy